Balanced Substring solution codeforces- You are given a string ss, consisting of nn letters, each letter is either ‘a’ or ‘b’. The letters in the string are numbered from 11 to nn.

Balanced Substring solution codeforces You are given a string ss, consisting of nn letters, each letter is either ‘a‘ or ‘b‘. The letters in the string are numbered from 11 to nn. s[l;r]s[l;r] is a continuous substring of letters from index ll to rr of the string inclusive. A string is called balanced if the number of letters ‘a‘ in it is equal to the number … Read more

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Deja Vu solution codechef algomanic

You’re given a sequence of NN – distinct positive integers, not necessarily sorted in ascending order. Your task is pretty straightforward: sort the sequence in ascending order. At any point of time, you can perform one of the following operations: Deja Vu solution codechef If there is only one sequence, with a length greater than 11, split it at some point to … Read more